State Missions

State Mission activities will help us reach all of Kentucky. 

  • Kentucky Baptist Convention and the northern kentucky baptist association

    The Kentucky Baptist Convention is a cooperative missions and ministry organization made up of nearly 2,400 autonomous Baptist churches in Kentucky. These churches have a total membership of more than 750,000 people. Associations connect regional groups of Kentucky Baptist churches to each other and the larger world. Through associations, churches join together for fellowship, missions and local ministry. We are members of The Northern Kentucky Baptist Association which is committed to serving the communities of Northern Kentucky. There are a variety of opportunities for churches and individuals to be involved in our area. Many of which we participate and are described below.


    Contact:  Joe Beil, 384-1717 Ext. 103,

  • Eliza Broadus State Missions offering for kentucky

    Eliza Broadus (1851-1931) served on the first Executive Committee for 51 years at the Walnut Street Baptist church in Louisville, Ky. She made valuable contributions to Women’s Missionary union (WMU) throughout her years of service both in Kentucky and the national WMU level. Because of her service she encouraged the Kentucky WMU to begin an annual offering for state missions in 1913.  Throughout the state of KY there are thousands of people who do not believe in Jesus. Many will never come to a local church to hear the Good News. The gospel must be taken to them through the many creative ministries in the state of KY and supported/partly financed by the Eliza Broadus State Missions Offering. 100% of every gift goes to the work of missions in the state of KY.


    Every September you can give to help reach the goal set by our church and state, learn more about Missions by attending the monthly Women on Mission Meetings, You can serve as you pray for KY Missions, as you give sacrificially, as you go and minister in the name of Jesus and personally share the gospel with others.

  • National disaster relief

    Southern Baptist efforts work in partnership with the American Red Cross, and with other private agencies through NVOAD, (the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster). KY is part of this disaster relief program which works in concert with similar programs in other states. Whether the disaster occurs in the state of KY or elsewhere in the nation or the world, KY volunteers may be called out to help.


    Kentucky volunteers can staff feeding units designed to deliver thousands of hot meals on short notice, use chainsaws, help remove debris, help move families from disaster areas, help clean houses after flooding, and provide many other disaster relief services.  Trainings occur 5 times per year at various sites around Kentucky.  You can visit the following website for training info:



    Contact:  Joe Beil, 384-1717 Ext. 103,

  • Sunrise Children's Services

    Sunrise Children’s Services is a KY Baptist Agency licensed as a Behavioral Health Services Organization (BHSO) which provides foster care, residential, therapeutic treatment and community-based services statewide. We  use several “timely” occasions to benefit this agency.


    From Mother’s Day through Father’s Day each year we collect donations and then one day in August we go to a SCS location to do on-site work.


    Contact:  Joe Beil, 384-1717 Ext. 103,