Our History

Big Bone Church was constituted on May 25, 1843 with Brother Robert Kirtley preaching the introductory sermon. The minutes state, "The church was organized with 20 male, 21 female, and 3 colored members (1 male, 2 female)".

The property was purchased from General John Wallace at a cost of $7.00 per acre totally $35.00 plus 2 acres which were donated.

The church was received in the North Bend Association August 18, 1843. The first Lord's Supper was observed in September of 1843.

In February 1846 a church meeting house was completed at a cost of $1,240.00. A red brick with white trim and shutters.

In May of 1855, the Florence Baptist Church was organized with the help of Big Bone, as well as Walton Baptist Church in 1866.

In 1876 the church voted to build a church in Union at a cost of $1,600.00. Thus a mission was started in the town of Union. In November 1886 there was a petition to organize a Baptist Church at Union. On March 26, 1887 Big Bone Church voted to donate their property in Union to the Baptist Church of that place.

In 1883 a Baptist Church was established in Beaver Lick by Big Bone.

At the December 1903 business meeting, it was agreed by the church to act in connection with Union and Beaver Lick churches in securing a minister to serve the three churches.

The following is a list of pastors called to serve Big Bone Baptist Church: the Reverend Robert Kirtley and his assistant George Scott, James A. Kirtley, W.S. Taylor, Layton Maddox, J.T. Betts, William McMillan, Albert Maddox, J.E. Myers (called and accepted but did not serve), O.G. Tillman, C.J. Avery, R.A. Johnson, S.L. Branham, Sam Hogan, H.L. Wainscott, J.R. McClure, J.R. Armstrong, Robert I Ginn, Joseph H. Beil, Robert Shettler, Chris Barnett, and Michael Jones.