Lay Biblical Counseling Ministry for Women

Purpose: To guide and seek the Lord’s help through Jesus Christ for a wide range of inner-personal, relational and other challenges.


The B3 Church Counseling Ministry provides free personal counseling with a biblical

perspective to individuals from B3 Church.


Are you struggling with relationships, grief or loss, anger or bitterness, addictions or

even spiritual discouragement? It would be a privilege to come alongside of you, and

seek the Lord together. We hope to provide you with the ministry of presence and



Appointments will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis depending on the schedule of

the client and our counselor. Our counselor is a female lay counselor who has had

extensive training and ongoing supervision and will have continued education. Our

counselor will seek to support and encourage each person through the lens of the

Gospel and a biblical perspective.


Counseling is available to women 18 years of age or older.


It can be scary to open up to someone new. We encourage you to take the risk, and

trust us to hold to confidentiality and integrity. Take advantage of this unique program

and contact the office at Big Bone Baptist Church 859-384-1717 or Click HERE to sign up and your request will be forwarded accordingly. Thanks!